Marvin And Son LLC

R.I.P. David Bernstein

Marvin And Son LLC is a premier business located in Albuquerque that specializes in remodeling and upgrading standard and custom built homes. Our company has been family owned since 1976 when Marvin Bernstein established the business with a dream of satisfying customers with excellent service and outstanding workmanship. He passed on the business to his son David, who operated it from 2001 until his sudden passing in 2010. Steven, who had been an employee with the company since 2002, and worked extensively with David, was offered the opportunity to buy the business from Marvin in 2011.

We are proud to acknowledge that since our ownership of the business since the time of purchase in 2011, not only has Marvin And Son LLC survived, but expanded. We continue to maintain the highest level of service, and the satisfaction of our customers defined in the reviews we have received attest to the commitment we have.

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